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We set out to create the most versatile and feature-filled online mind mapper. Mind mapping should not be restricted to only text and simple nodes but should be able to fit nearly any use-case for any type of audience.

Within 3 months, we built a fully interactive and collaborative mind mapping tool capable of handling nearly any type of data - text, rich text, images, videos, iframes, etc., We have had overwhelming support and positive comments since day one and MapsOfMind still continues to grow every single day. 

Our unique take on mind mapping comes from the creation of InfoBoxes which was a solution to expanding the concept of mindmap to accommodate many use-cases and to make it as flexible as possible in terms of what types of mind maps can be created. Almost every single element all the way to the connections in MapsOfMind can be customized. With real-time collaboration and Chrome/Firefox plugins to help you add content to your mind maps without even opening MapsOfMind, there are no other online mind mapping tools that offer features and flexibility of this level.



UI/UX design intuitive enough for a wide range of audiences. Not too complex, at the same time, not sacrificing too many features. Finding the balance between versatility and usability was challenging.


In the end, we settled on a simplistic box-based design which led to the creation of InfoBox which acts as the basic building block of a MapsOfMind MindMap. Each box is self-contained and has sub-boxes that house different types of information. 


Audiences from students to business owners to game developers rely on MapsOfMind every day to assist with their work and ideas. Over 20,000 MindMaps have been created to date. A full spectrum of what has been created can be viewed in the public maps section.

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